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Now that the dust has settled . . .

I love humour. I think the ability to laugh at ourselves, each other and the world around us is the last stand we have against insanity. Intelligent humour. Gallows humour. The black humour of policemen at terrible crime scenes. The uncontained snorts of giggles of school kids standing outside the Head teacher’s office knowing that […]

Letter to my teenage self…

I’m behind on the blogging – too much work on and inspiration hasn’t struck, but I had to write a letter to my 16 year old self for the Dear Teen Me website. I guess it’s kind of a blog. You can read it here:


Over at the Gollancz blog you can read the first chapter of Poison and enter a fun competition to win one of five signed first edition (now sold out) copies. So, what are you still doing here? Shoo! 😉  

The Next Big Thing preview: MAYHEM

So, last week, fabulous horror novelist Adam Nevill tagged me as part of the next big thing round robin blog – you can see his here – And so here are my answers on my Next Big Thing! What is the working title of your next book? The title of the next big novel […]

‘I’m so vain…I always think this song is about me…’

I should really write this blog on my actual birthday but I’ll be in London being far too busy, so, in my usual tradition, I’m writing it in bed, after wine, and while my brain ticks over.  Vanity is a funny thing. I’m pretty vain, all things considered. If I’m passing a reflective surface, I’ll […]

Say no more…one from the archives…

I winked at a kid in Tesco Ghetto today. His mum and dad were arguing in the biscuits aisle. Nothing major, just one of those day to day snipes the marrieds that shop together seem to have, but it was enough to distract their attention from little Wayne or Dwayne who trailed behind.  He took […]

Writing advice? From me? Well, this is all I’ve got.

I’ve had a few emails of late from people asking advice about the business of writing. I never blog about actual writing, cos I think it’s a ‘find your own way’ kind of trade, and more than that there are people out there better at it than me…ask them. The only advice I would give […]

The empty middle ground of Twitter…

When I came back to Twitter after my rather long break, I swore I’d never blog about it. There you go. I’m clearly a person whose promises can be broken. Or maybe I’m just a person who changes their mind sometimes. Is that the same thing? Am I just making excuses for my own weak […]