books 2017:

BEHIND HER EYES, HarperFiction UK /Flatiron, MacMillan US

books 2016:   

13 MINUTES, Gollancz

books 2014:

MURDER                       May 2014, Jo Fletcher Books

THE DEATH HOUSE  November 2014, Gollancz

books 2013:

MAYHEM  May 2013, Jo Fletcher Books

POISON      April 2013, Gollancz

CHARM       July 2013 Gollancz

BEAUTY       October 2013 Gollancz

THE LANGUAGE OF DYING 2013, Jo Fletcher Books

Published to date:

The Dog-Faced Gods Trilogy:

Book1: A Matter of Blood, 2010 Gollancz

Book2: The Shadow of the Soul, 2011 Gollancz

Book3: The Chosen Seed, 2012 Gollancz

The Nowhere Chronicles (under name Sarah Silverwood)

Book 1: The Double-Edged Sword, 2010 Gollancz

Book2: The Traitor’s Gate, 2011 Gollancz

Book3: The London Stone, 2012 Gollancz


Into the Silence, 2009, BBC Books

Long Time Dead, 2011, BBC Books


Feeding Ground, 2009, Leisure Books

Tower Hill, 2008, Leisure Books

The Taken, 2007, Leisure Books

Breeding Ground, 2006, Leisure Books

The Reckoning, 2005, Leisure Books

The Hidden, 2004, Leisure Books

Short stories can be found in many anthologies including several best ofs….





23 responses to “Novels

  • Lee Davis

    I’m not too disappointed that none of Pinborough’s horrid demons or cruel phantoms will appear in A Matter of Blood, because beyond her mastery of the best ingredients for horror she’s a master storyteller no matter how the tale is spun! I can’t wait to read it, however I need to read The Language of Dying first!

  • Tim Sarosa

    Hi Sarah,just finished reading `a matter of blood`what an awesome book,
    i`m not a great fan of thrillers but you have completely converted me,got
    hooked into the story line very early on then couldn`t put it down,for me the
    sign of a good writer is someone who can so immerse you in the story that
    you feel like you are watching a film rather than reading a book,for me
    `a matter of blood` is the best `film` i`ve seen in years !

  • Giveaway: The Dog-Faced Gods Book 1 – A Matter of Blood by Sarah Pinborough « DaveBrendon's Fantasy & SciFi Weblog

    […] you’d like more info about Sarah and her work, check out her website here; Sarah’s also busy with a YA Fantasy series (under the pseudonym […]

  • Chris Breazeale

    Hi Sarah, Do you have any plans to publish “The Double Edged Sword” in the US? I’d love to read it but I didn’t want to pay the extra shipping (yeah I’m cheap). Also, I read “Feeding Grounds” a little while back and I wanted to say it was a great book and I really liked it. Keep up the great work, cheers man!

    • sarah

      Hi Chris,
      Thanks for the kind words on Feeding Ground…As for Double-Edged Sword, we’re hoping the trilogy will get picked up by a US publisher, but as yet it’s UK and Australia (I think) and a few translations only.

  • Katy Sozaeva

    I love your writing and am excited to see you’ve published some thrillers – when is book 3 of The Dog-Faced Gods due out?

  • Matt

    Any chance on another sequel to “Breeding Ground” or “Feeding Ground”? These books captured my imagination and horror in a way few other books I have ever read. I stumbled on “Feeding Ground” by accident while, and it turned out to be one of the best “literary” accidents I have ever had.

    I would love to see these books televised… as I have always had a tough time picturing exactly what a Widow looks like.

  • Hessel

    I just finished The Shadow of the Soul last weekend, and The Dog-Faced Gods Trilogy is a great series of books. It’s a shame that you aren’t very well known outside the UK (I’m Dutch). I also read Into the Silence, and I have a small question about it. Is Tom Cutler a kind of early version of Cass Jones? I noticed several characteristics that both Cutler and Jones have (smoker, cynical view on the world). I’m just interested in it.

  • lunette ray ban femme

    Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I’ve really loved browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing in your feed and I am hoping you write again soon!

  • St

    Good morning Sarah:

    Just finished and thoroughly enjoyed Mayhem and will put a review up on Goodreads when I’ve gathered my thoughts. For better or worse, depending on your taste, your villain of the piece reminded me very strongly of this.

    I took longer to read it than I anticipated because life hasn’t been very kind to me and mine of late. Thanks for giving me another world to escape into, and for reminding me why we need horror; to convince us we can defeat our demons no matter what form they take.

    As ever, keep up the good work. I look forward to reading Murder next year.

  • couchpotato593

    Hi Sarah,

    Any chance The Death House is being published in the US? I’d love to read it, but can’t seem to find it anywhere here.

  • Cheryl Current

    Will there be an ending written to Poison that finishes th story? I want to hear what happened to the prince, the mouse, and especially Snow White

  • Pola

    Hello Sarah!

    I finished “13 Minutes” two days ago and I still cannot forget about this book. It was a total coincidence that I came across this novel in a bookstore in Sweden, but I am so glad that I bought it! I live in Poland and as I can see, there was only one your book translated into Polish. Are there any plans that the others will be published as well? Would you mind me to translate few chapters of “13 Minutes” and post it on a literature forum, given all the credits to you of course? And how about Netflix? I cannot find any update in regards to “13 Minutes” movie adaptation.

    Best regards,


    • sarah

      13 Minutes will be published in Poland later this year so I’m afraid you can’t translate any for a forum! So glad you enjoyed it though! Netflix is still on going – it’s a slow process making a film!

      • Pola

        Thank you so much for a quick reply! I am so excited that I have discovered this book before 🙂 I wish you a lot of inspiration and I am looking forward to reading your next novels.

  • Lisa Mannering

    I’ve just finished ‘Behind her eyes’ wow !! Best book I’ve EVER read .

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