So the Ashes to Ashes finale has been and gone and the programme has shuffled off this mortal coil…sigh. Anyone that knows me knows I’m partial to Gene Hunt. He could call me Bollyknickers anytime. In fact, he could call me a lot of things….

But I digress…

Couldn’t help wondering if maybe there was a funny little between this life and the next one place for writers. Who would be the Gene Hunt of that? Edgar Allan Poe? Syvia Plath as the typist working out her angst under his watchful eye?

Somehow when I picture it, all I can see is Stephen Jones charging out of that DCI’s office and shouting ‘We’ve got an anthology to put together, and no one gets a drink until it’s done! Smith – put out that fag. Pinborough, I told you pink was banned in here. Morris, stop watching Dr Who re-runs. Why is Tim Lebbon the only one in this office doing any bloody writing? And what do you mean Kim’s still working on an Empire review?? Oh fuck it, let’s go to the pub.’

It’s an afterlife I could buy into….

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3 responses to “Briefly…

  • Steve

    If I’d been drinking anything while reading that, it would now be running out of my nose. Well done! If they ever do an episode of QI where the panel is made up of writers, you’re in.

    Haven’t watched any of Ashes to Ashes Series 3 yet (please tell me it’s better than last year) but I’ve got them all put aside for a rainy day.

    Doctor Who reruns are as good a source of inspiration as any. Is there a chance we’ll see your name on a DW novel or TV episode one day?

  • Gigi Peterkin

    I think I wet myself laughing – and I only know half the characters in this little tale. will Julian be pitching this anytime soon? it MUST be made.

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