Why I can’t abide the Dude…

(Disclaimer: This is not a deep meaningful blog. If you’re looking for that, move right along, and come back another day x)

Before I start, let me qualify that I appreciate that The Big Lebowski is a LOT of people’s favourite film. I see it quoted it all the time. People giggle at shared jokes, and laugh at memories of various scenes. There are enough of these people for me to know that it’s probably a good film. A pretty good one. The quality of the film is not the point of this blog. So all you Lebowski lovers – take a deep breath and relax. This is not about  your film. This is about me and the Dude and that is all.

I really wanted to like The Big Lebowski. I REALLY did. I wanted to be part of that jokey gang. I tried watching it. Twice. Both times I dozed off in the middle. This disappointed me. The second time I had tried very hard to stay awake but to no avail. I tried to care about the Dude and the unfortunate series of events that had taken over his life. I didn’t. It was worse than that – I was really irritated by him.

This surprised me. Mainly, because I totally heart Jeff Bridges. To be fair, there is nothing that man couldn’t do to me if he asked nicely. Or not so nicely as it goes. But not as the Dude. Definitely not the Dude. The dude totally made me grit my teeth.  It took me a little while to figure it out, but after quite a bit of mulling I got there.

The dude is everything that confuses me about some people and leaves me cold. I guess in many ways he’s the antithesis of everything I am. Here’s my reasoning….

I can imagine nothing worse that the one exciting series of events in my life coming about because someone mistook me for someone else. I never want to be mistaken for someone else. If there’s two people like me, I want to be the one that people know about.

Things happen to the Dude. He doesn’t MAKE anything happen. So much passivity. Everyone else in that film is running around plotting and scheming but even when he’s in the midst of it, the dude just gets carried along by which ever group is using him at the time. Sure, we all have stuff in our lives that we can’t control, but in the main I can’t understand people that just let life roll over them. I like to make things happen. I like people who make things happen. I like the buzz that comes with the achievement of your goals. The satisfaction of trying to be the best you can be in what you choose. I don’t understand why people would want to just dream their lives away. Get stoned when you’re young. Get serious when you hit 25.

I don’t want the rug. I want the whole fucking house.

Even when exciting things start happening in the Dude’s world, he doesn’t wake up and think – wow – there is some stuff to explore out there and change his ways. He’s happy to go back to getting stoned and going bowling. It’s like none of it touches him.

I know that in many ways I could use being a little more like the dude. A little more chilling and a little less striving might not hurt me. I might even be happier. But I’m never going to think the Dude is cool…He’s way too off the mark for me. When I see the dude I just want to say, ‘Oh get off your fat arse and DO something!’

Just like I say to myself in the mirror every morning!

SP xx

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6 responses to “Why I can’t abide the Dude…

  • Stephan

    Well, that’s like … your opinion, man. *g* *giggleaboutinsiderjoke*

    As an ordained dudeist priest, I have to say … whatever.

    As a filmfan, who loves to analyse movies, I have to say: You’re absolutely right. You understood the whole movie, even without watching it, and you got the message it tells – at least I always thought it would tell people to get their asses moving, albeit staying cool about some little kickbacks.
    And that’s what I can enjoy about this movie. I don’t want to convince you, don’t think that.

    Btw. nice theme, you use. I used it a while ago, too.

  • Kathleen M

    Not really my movie either. YAY. There is someone else in the world.

  • Gef

    Someone dislikes the Dude? Blasphemy. 🙂

    Ah well, despite my adoration for that film, I can’t begrudge the fact that some people just aren’t going to dig it. I know that my own tastes preclude me from enjoying some beloved films, books, and TV shows. To each their own.

  • Lizzie

    I have this conversation about once a month with people – not about the Dude but about growing up and acting childish and student-ish all the time. I get told I’m a middle aged grumpypants for this despite being 30 😦 I’m just so happy someone else agrees!

  • Sean

    You should give “Election” with Mathew Broderick & Reese Witherspoon a try 😉

  • Barry

    Yes, dangerous waters to tread, but I kinda/sorta agree with you. I watched it once, thought it was okay. I’m good now. I didn’t see the big deal at all. (although it is one of John Goodman’s best performances by far).

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