Video Blog: Introducing Poison!

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Writer of supernatural and crime fiction for Gollancz in the UK. I've written six horror novels and my first thriller, A Matter of Blood, wa View all posts by sarah

3 responses to “Video Blog: Introducing Poison!

  • katyasozaeva

    That sounds awesome! When is it, or I should as is it, going to be available in the US? It’s hard to find your Gollancz books over here!

  • John (@Daylightfire)

    Blimey Charlie, I might even buy this one 🙂 Looking bloody gorgeous Pinborough…

  • Steve

    I have already recommended this (and subsequent volumes) to a writer/librarian friend of mine who loves her grown up fairy tales a la Angela Carter. Expect sales.

    Love the T-shirt too, and just because I can’t resist…

    While I’m here, will you kindly get yourself out to the wretched colonies for Adelaide’s Writers Week sooner rather than later? It’s an annual event now, and there wasn’t nearly enough genre stuff this year.

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